May I Post A Bonus Blog?


This little bonus blog is actually a collab with @pati__cool, an amazing blog with brilliant content run by a really lovely girl. As we're approaching the halfway point of May, I thought I would take this opportunity to write about some goals I set myself this month- which ones I've stuck to, and which ones didn't make it past day one!

  1. Watch less TV- three lockdowns has really helped me improve my ability to binge watch an entire season of a new show in less than a day, but with exam seasons fast approaching and the weather slowly getting better, I wanted to try to peel myself away from the screen a little. So far? Done :)
  2. Study more- what better to do with my extra time than get in some extra revision? Admittedly,  I haven't done loads- but some is still an improvement. Personally, I think this goal is a win so far too. 
  3. Stick to a workout plan- unfortunately, this one didn't last past the first of May, I didn't get round to creating a workout plan, let alone keeping it! But better late than never, starting tomorrow I am going to be starting the Chloe Ting Intense Core Challenge- a 15 day programme I hope to have completed by my end of May blog!
  4. Eat less snacks- this is a 50/50 win, because I really stuck to it for the first week, and then I really didn't stick to it once the weekend hit! I think if I manage to cut down again by the end of May I'll treat this as a goal achieved 
  5. Go for more walks- with summer creeping closer and the weather getting that little bit warmer, I wanted to make the most of it by getting out for more walks. This goal has been a total success! From walking through the woods on nice sunny evenings to walking home from work whenever I get the chance, this one I can safely say I've stuck to :)
The purpose of setting goals for me is to better my wellbeing, mental health and body, so if I come out of May happy and healthy, that is a win. And just because it isn't the 1st May, doesn't mean it's too late to set some goals. Even if it's just to cut screen time down by 20 minutes a day, or to drink more water, the tiniest changes can make the biggest difference. 

So remember, be realistic with the goals you set. Be kind to yourself if you don't achieve them all. And most of all: be proud of what you achieve, whether it's completing a goal or just lasting a few days. Just keep smiling :)


  1. Love these! Keep up the amazing content!! Can't wait to see more!


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